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  • Max. centrifugal force- 45 kN
  • Vibration frequency- 69 Hz
  • Max. advance travel (depending on soil and environmental factors)- 25 m/min
  • Baseplate (W x L) -600 x 900 mm
  • Max. surface capacity (depending on soil and environmental factors) -900 m2/h
  • Manufacturer -Hatz
  • Drive engine -   air-cooled single cylinder four-cycle diesel engine
  • Type -  1D42S
  • Max. power output (DIN-ISO 3046*)- 7.0kW at 3600 1/min

These new-generation vibratory plates offer maximum efficiency to meet the most stringent professional demands. The optimized two-shaft exciter technology, the power (centrifugal force) of which has been increased by 10 to 12.5 %, ensures the greatest possible compaction performance on almost all soils. Thanks to faster advance travel, the surface capacity is greatly increased while the depth action remains the same. The new robust design also provides maximum machine stability.